Saturday 13 September 2014

Sloth Chaos

This is a very simple to build chaos module that can be built in 2 ways: slow or VERY slow. Slow means 1 cycle every 15 seconds, VERY slow is 1 cycle every 15 minutes. It can take up to an hour for any change to be apparent when tweaking the pot. This module is ideal for ambience and extremely patient synth users. I developed it as I like to have my synths running whilst soldering away in the workshop and I like slow never-repeating changes to the patches.
The PCB is 16 x 95 mm, suitable for 4HP eurorack panels (panels will be available soon)
PCBs are available now (13/9/2014) for $8 each.
Shipping is $5 per order

The super slow version shown below has two 1000uF caps.


  1. Hi! This is such a fascinating module. I'm very very new to Eurorack and I'm interested in interesting modules for making ambient sound and music. In addition to this module, can you recommend any other modules that I ought to look into?
    I'd also like to try my hand at making one of these, so for the simpler modules I'm considering picking up the PCBs and Panels...
    Thanks for making these incredible machines!


  2. Hi Joshua, maybe the Timbre is a good one to build, all thru-hole so relatively easy. Also as a aimple starter on smd, try the Bong0 which does long bassy drones and is perfectly matched with the Timbre.

  3. The XY Mode in the oscilloscope looks like a lorrnz atractor, beautiful


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