Friday, 16 January 2015

Lost threads on muffwiggler

update 23/1/2015 Mike @ muffwiggler has repaired the forum and all posts have been restored! By all accounts, it was a major effort so WELL Done!!!!

It seems all my posts & threads on muffwiggler, regarding my circuits, going back to Feb 2013 have been erased and, possibly, are not coming back.

It seems there was an attack aimed at rival manufacturers.....kind of bizarre, but thats the story, many other small scale ops like me have copped it too.

Sadly there was a hell of a lot of useful info in those threads. So if anybody is searching for info on a build of any NLC modules, the only sources now are the manuals - and there are usually lots of pics on this blog
otherwise feel free to ask me directly and I will help out.

update - Mike @ muffwiggler is working to find a way to restore the lost threads. I cannot imagine how difficult it will be, there must be several thousand of them to process.

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