Friday, 14 June 2019

1U Sloth Chaos

These are Sloth chaos modules available in 1U 6HP panels.

The panels are available in Pulp and Intellijel formats and in white/gold or black/gold, please specify when ordering.
Please note, the PCBs only have eurorack 10 pin power connectors, not the Pulp Logic 3 pin type.

They are available in 3 variations, the same as on the triple Sloth panel; Torpor (15-20 second orbits), Apathy (1-3 minute orbits) and Inertia (15-20 minute orbits). The same PCB is used for all 3 variations.

Each has 2 outputs which supply different signals drawn from different stages of the circuit. The input can be used to inject a signal into the circuit, some signals will have no effect, others will cause periodicity at different stages, others will alter the chaotic orbits. I find very slow sine signals, from the Feague, are very good. Of course you do not have to input any signal, the sloths will happily meander along without any help.

Please note version 1 (V1) of the bottom PCB has the printing on the wrong side. Install the jacks and LED on the blank/unprinted side of the PCB.
See pics below as an example on how to connect the PCBs.

PCB & panel set = USD10
assembled = USD55

Build Guide on the NLC wiki

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  1. Hey, this looks great and I'm super interested. I just want to make sure the power consumption won't be too much for my rig. Could you fill in the following, please?

    ? mA +12V
    ? mA -12V
    ? mA 5V
    ? mm deep

    Please just basically fill in where the question marks are. Apologizes if this information is readily available else where on this site, I just couldn't find it.


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