Friday, 23 September 2011

5 stage 555 resonator

demo of this module

4009 bleeding VCA

This is a layout for a dual VCA module. Each VCA has 6 separate inputs and outputs. All 6 are controlled by the same CV/gain pot settings. The VCAs are built around cmos 4009 inverters. The PCB is rather compact, 26 electros, 4 ICs, 6 pots and well over 100 SMD resistors in 1.3x5.5 inches. Resistors are mounted on the top and bottom of the PCB.
'Bleeding VCA' is a hint as to the ...erm... feature of this module. The overworked 4009 chips is going to suffer. Anyway it is a unique VCA, the panel will have 4 attenuable CV inputs, 2 initial gain pots, 12 AC signal inputs and 12 outputs.

trying out some filters and a chaos module

Monday, 5 September 2011

Full metal yodel at the Artifactory