Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Segue (vactrol version)

This is a VC panner, VC cross-fader, VCA and VC attenuator, process CV and audio.
Very easy build.
The scope pic shows the signals on the two outputs as an audio signal is being panned by a LFO saw-wave.

PCBs - US$18
panels - US$20
airmail - US$5 per order

Assembled - US$160
regd post - US$15 per order

Serious filter

Serious? well... it is based on the Arp4023 and will make the room shake or scream like nails on chalkboard and everything in between. Makes a nice quadrature oscillator too.

PCBs - US$18
panels - US$20
airmail - US$5 per order

Sloth version3: Stasis

Finally got this one sorted. The image shows the Sloth completed 2 figure 8s in a three hour period (I started it at 11:50).

This can be built on the same PCB as the regular and super Sloths, although the 4700uf caps have to stand off a bit. The build manual BOM will be updated with the required components. All build manuals are HERE

Friday, 21 August 2015

neuron array switching and stimulation module

The title pretty much decribes this PCB. It is for sending 16 stimulation signals, from a synth, to neurons growing in a dish. It also momentarily switches off the signals coming from the 60 electrodes in the dish for just under 10ms, when a stim signal is sent.

More info on the cellF project is HERE

1st performance will be 4/10/2015 at UWA Perth


bobbcorr on muffs suggested a 12HP triple Sloth, seems a good idea:

Should be available mid-Sept

Thursday, 20 August 2015

DIY vactrols

Scored a bucket of these from a long defunct audio company. It is pretty good experimenting with different coloured LEDs and different LDRs. Some to look for are GL5549, which have 10M-15M off resistance, and GL5516, which is about 5M.
Off resistance is important when using vactrols in VCAs and panners...which is something I have been doing a lot of lately. Of course the speed in getting there is important too, but that is more critical in LPGs.
Anyway just putting some pictures up, in the hopes that
1. someone knows where to buy these (please comment)
2. someone with a 3d printer decides to make some (again please comment)

update - flab on muffs has developed a great looking 3d printer design