Friday, 22 November 2013

Upcoming PCBs

These will be available for DIYers along with panels suitable for Eurorack systems

1. Single Jerkoff Chaos board.
This is the same as the dual Jerkoff module, except the boards have extra components to put together a quad chaos module known as the Circle Jerk, where outputs of each circuit are used to modulate  the others. Only 1 input needs to be used and 12 related but different chaotic signals can be obtained.
Panels will be available for the single and quad versions.

2. Diode ladder and transistor ladder VCFs in coitus..........for lack of a better name
from my DIY page:
Everybody loves the Moog ladder filter, right? TB-303 etc.....
And everyone loves the EMS diode ladder, the Pink Floyd characteristic synth sound, yeh?

So what happens when we mate these two filters?
No, I don't mean what are the offspring like
Lets just see them in coitus!

This circuit replaces the diodes and transistors of the ladders with opto-couplers.
The interesting effect is that the transistor filter does not need an audio input,
The audio from the diode ladder is sent across as infra-red light and turns on the transistors.

There are outputs for each filter, plus summed output and a difference output.
The difference output is quite unique, never heard anything like it.

There is a switch to swap the resonance feedback paths between the filters
which tends to make thing go a bit nuts.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

VCF/QUO nonlinearQ demo

this vid is a simple demonstration of the nonlinear resonance (nlQ) effect on this VCF. In the 1st half the nlQ pot is left at zero and the regular Q pot is turned from 0-max.
In the 2nd half, the reqular Q pot is left at max and the nlQ pot starts at max and is wound back.
This VCF is also a very effective quadrature oscillator and is part of the nonlinearcircuits drum panel, more info -

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

panels 7, 8 & 9 on their way

Just sent these off to be manufactured
A re-run of the cellular automata sequencer
plus panels 7 & 8
Panel 7 has stayed about the same, panel 8 lost the mixer and got a new VCF plus a VC Clipper - somewhere between a timbre modulator and VCA

Saturday, 9 November 2013

PCBs and Modules for Sale (US$)(updated 6 FEB 2020)

  1. Neuron / Difference Rectifiers (small PCB) $8 only Eurorack version available
  2. Cellular Automata Sequencer sets $20
  3. Cellular Automata Sequencer Panels $70
  4. "Its 555..." resonators $20 PCB only,  Euro Panel & PCB set US$55
  5. Divine CMOS $20 PCB only,  Euro Panel & PCB set US$55
  6. Korg 800dv CV & gate mod PCB $20
  7. Dr Gogo (DR-55 clone) $20
  8. Single Jerkoff PCB 1-3 $12, 4 or more $11
  9. Jerkoff single or quad panels  for Eurorack systems, 8hp singles $20, 26hp quads $35
  10. DP filter PCBs $18 DP filter 12hp Eurorack panels US$20
  11. QUO/Low-pass filter PCBs $20 
  12. Sloth Chaos $8 4HP Panel $20 (new version), assembled $85
  13. Low Pass Gate PCB $15, Panel $20, assembled $150
  14. cellF Voice PCB $65, 84HP Panel $100 (shipping $20 per order)
  15. Sauce of Unce PCB $20, Panel $25, assembled $200
  16. 8HP neuron/diff-rect (no wiring) PCB $15, assembled $140
  17. 8HP neuron/diff-rect PCB panel $20
  18. 4U dual drum module $20 PCB only
  19. Chopper PCB $18 Panel $20, assembled $200
  20. CMOSC 4U PCB set $25 
  21. Delay No More PCB $18, Panel $20, assembled $180
  22. Hyper Wien PCB $12, Panel $20 
  23. VCO (version on 4U VCO panel) PCB set $25 
  24. cellF action PCB $65 Panel $100 (shipping $20 per order)
  25. dual VCO (eurorack) PCB $20 Panel $25
  26. Eurorack mixer/headphone amp PCB $15 white/gold Panel $20, assembled $150
  27. FlipFlop Chaos PCB $18 Panel $20, assembled $200
  28. vactrol PiLL PCB $10, panel $20, assembled $100
  29. ADSR312 PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  30. Collude - Envelope Follower pCB - US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  31. dual LFO and diff-rect PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  32. 8 input 4 output, CV controlled Matrix Mixer, PCB US$40, panel US$50, assembled US$440
  33. Multiband Distortion Processor PCB US$25, panel US$35, assembled $320
  34. Timbre generator PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  35. 4SEQ PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  36. BOOLs PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  37. Segue panner/cross-fader PCB US$18, Panel US$20 assembled US$160
  38. Serious Filter PCB US$18, Panel US$20,assembled US$160 
  39. TRIAD triple Env generator PCB US$18, panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  40. Triple Sloth 12HP panel US$35, 3x PCBs US$24, assembled US$220 
  41. 1050MixSeq PCB US$22, Panel US$30, assembled US$220 
  42. 329 Phase Flange PCB US$20, Panel US$25, assembled US$220 
  43. FK1T VCF PCB US$18, panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  44. giant B0N0 PCB US$20 panel US$25 assembled US$190 
  45. Numberwang  PCB US$20 panel US$25 assembled US$18
  46. Brain Custard PCB US$20, 12HP panel US$25, assembled US$190 
  47. Doof drum module PCB US$18, 8HP panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  48. Squid Axon module PCB US$18  8HP panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  49. 32:1 PCB set(2) US$30, 14HP panel US$25 assembled US$250
  50. BaDumTisss PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled US$160
  51. bong0 PCB US$8, panel US$20, assembled US$85
  52. 8bit Cipher PCB set US$25, panel US$22, assembled US$200 
  53. CEM3340 VCO PCB US$25, panel US$35, assembled US$280 
  54. Router PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled US$160 
  55. Wangernumb PCB US$20, panel US$25 assembled US$180 
  56. FEAGUE - VCF&QUO 2PCB set US$23 panel US$22 assembled US$210 
  57. 8HP Triple Sloth (smd version) PCB set US$24 panel US$20 assembled US$210 
  58. 4HP Envelope Follower PCB US$8, Panels US$20
  59. NULL-A 42HP synth voice PCB set US$50, Panels US$50 
  60. Plague of Demons thru-0 VCO PCB set USD26, Panels USD24 assembled USD280
  61. Small PSU PCB USD8 
  62. Divine CMOS (8HP version) PCB US$18 Panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  63. ARSEq 10HP Panel USD22, PCB set USD23 assembled USD190
  64. Primal Hyperchaos Panel USD20, PCB USD18 assembled USD160 
  65. Divide & Conquer PCB set USD22 Panel USD20 assembled USD190 
  66. Sly Grogan PCB USD18 Panel USD20 assembled USD170 
  67. Hyperchaos Deluxe PCB set USD23 Panel USD22 assembled USD220 
  68. Covfefe buss board USD15 
  69. Bindubba sequencer PCB USD28, Panel USD32, assembled USD320 
  70. Timbre & Timbre PCB USD23, Panel USD20, assembled USD210 
  71. Resonate PCB set USD23, Panel USD20, assembled USD200 
  72. Let's Splosh! PCB USD20 Panel USD24 assembled USD180 
  73. Ian Fritz Hypster PCB USD26 Panel USD24 assembled USD250 
  74. Statues PCB USD18 Panel USD20 assembled USD160 
  75. Kareishuu VCO PCB set USD23 10HP panel USD22 assembled USD210 
  76. it's 555 resonator PCB USD20 Panel USD24 assembled USD230 
  77. Mogue mixer & VCA PCB set USD23 panel USD20 assembled USD190 
  78. Shat-noir Phaser PCB set USD24 panel USD22 assembled USD220 
  79. Noir0-ze VCF & VCA PCB USD24 panel USD22 assembled USD210 
  80. Dual Low Pass Gate PCB USD24 Panel USD22 assembled USD200 
  81. The Big Room (Reverb) PCB USD24 Panel USD22 assembled USD200 
  82. Digital Filter Simulator PCB USD22 Panel USD22 assembled USD220 
  83. SPASM PCB set USD20 panel USD20 assembled USD160 
  84. GENiE (triple neuron) PCB USD20 Panel USD22 assembled USD200 
  85. Signum Hyperchaos PCB USD18 Panel USD20 assembled USD160 
  86. Balter dual gate delay PCB USD15 Panel USD20 assembled USD150 
  87. I can't believe it's not a VCO PCB set USD20 panel USD20 assembled USD180 
  88. 1/n PCB set USD22 panel USD20 assembled USD190 
  89. Bi-di Choppers PCB USD15 panel USD20 assembled USD160 
  90. 4HP MIX PCB/panel set USD12 assembled USD60 
  91. DelayNoMore3 PCB USD22 panel USD26 assembled USD240 
  92. Dispersion Delay PCB set USD25 panel USD26 assembled USD260 
  93. 1U Sloth PCB & panel set USD10 assembled USD55 
  94. Cellular Automata PCB set USD25 panel USD23 assembled USD280
  95. Gift cards/vouchers 
  96. 1U Diff-rect PCB & panel USD10 assembled USD50 
  97. Beat Freq PCB USD18 Panel USD20 assembled USD160 
  98. VCAs PCB USD18 Panel USD20 assembled USD160 
  99. 1U Signum PCB & panel USD10 assembled USD55
  100. Sloth DK PCB USD12 Panel USD20 assembled USD100 
  101. Mobius PiLL PCB USD23 Panel USD22 assembled USD200 
  102. Dual LFO/VCO PCB set USD20 Panel USD20 assembled USD180 
  103. 1U PiLLs PCB & panel set USD12 assembled USD60 
Paypal accepted, please email to order:
Check out the NLC Wiki for some general guidelines on building NLC modules, including ordering components and some hints for construction.

Postage for PCBs/panels is US$5 per order for regular airmail (NO TRACKING)
Larger PCBs, such as the cellF series and Null-A are sent as parcels with tracking & signed delivery for US$20

Assembled modules are sent by registered post (tracking & signed delivery) and postage is US$20 per order. 

Contact for a shipping quote for the CA seq panel plus PCB set.
Older Build manuals are available from HERE 

Newer Build manuals are on the NLC wiki

Join the NLC Builders Guild on FB - good place to get tips on building and purchasing components

Jono writes up detailed build guides to these modules as he builds them

 (updated 6/2/2020)