Saturday, 4 April 2015

Timbre generator

PCBs - US$18
panels - US$20
assembled - US$160

This is basically a clone of the Buchla timbre found in the Easel. I have added a simple tri2sine converter input, along with the regular input, and buffered output. The panel looks dark blue when mounted in a case.

The only changes to the original version are to fit the signal levels to Eurorack standard. The circuit will deliver some noise when there is no input signal so it is best to patch it directly to a VCO or patch a VCA downstream. The original Buchla Timbre was the waveshaping section of a VCO so there was always an input signal.

Nov 2017 update - The current panel is white/gold. there is also a smd dual Timbre available.


8HP Eurorack Sequencer for June WAMod workshop, four stages but with fwd/reverse control so you can get some pretty complex sequences happening when feeding it 2 diffrent clock signals. Two CV outs giving the opposite count of each other, so if one is giving 1234123..., the other is going 4321432...
Also there is a clock divider giving /2, /4, /8 & /16 of the count (which of course gets really interesting when the fwd/reverse control is in action)