Friday, 20 September 2013

new Bleeding Gates - 6x VC Slew

This module replaces the 6 VCAs in the filter panel. I just don't really use VCAs much, so 6 in a panel was a waste of space.
So 6 VC Slews, much more fun. In this vid, they are fed gates from the bindubba sequencer and then slewed by LFOs. The outputs control VCOs and VCFs.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

7th Panel

Despite the numbering, this will probably be the last panel of this series to actually be built, #9 is finished, 6 is next in line and most likely #8 (drum panel) will be after that.
Originally it was to contain a vocal filter, but it seems a better solution is to have three VCFs, a mixer and a VCA. These can be patched together to obtain approx the same functionality as a vocal filter, or be used separately.

All the designs have tested PCBs:
ARSEq - this is a cross between a sequencer and a complex envelope generator, schematic and more info can be found HERE
Two VCOs, these are similar to the VCOs on the VCO panel but just contain the core circuits to give a sawtooth and modulated pulse. Range is from less than 0.1 Hz to 8kHz, so can be used as LFOs and will perform well into the useful audio range.
Two state variable VCFs with 1V/oct tracking, VC Q, highpass, bandpass and lowpass outputs.
4Q72 VCF is based on the ARP 4072 filter except this one has VC Q, I guess this is the only version of this filter with  VC Q ..... well worth it :)
VC LFO ranges from approx 0.04Hz to 700Hz and outputs sine and square waves
3 input DC mixer, fine for audio too.
LDR based VCA
Delay Spray is based on the PT2399 IC with 2 inputs and CV control of the delay time.

Dual VCF

4Q72 - VCf & VC LFO

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Neuron / Diff-rect Euro panels

Both Papernoise and Synthcube will be selling Euro panels for these boards (Synthcube will have kits as well)

Here is the papernoise panel, will post the Synthcube version when it is available (early Oct)

The Synthcube/Clarke68 version can be seen here -

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