Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sauce of Unce 2

PCBs arrived today, work very well.
I will order a large batch and these will be for sale for DIYers in about a month, along with Eurorack panels. Later in the year they will be available as ready-to-use modules from Rhythm Active
The vid is a basic demo with the Unce controlling a VCO, of course it can be used for many different interesting tasks.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

low pass gate PCB

These were intended for the synth building WAMOD workshop in July, along with nice shiny Eurorack panels. Due to various injuries (not mine) and shipping company shenanigans, I have ended up with more PCBs than planned, so a few will be appearing on the 'PCBs for Sale' page soon.
All components solder directly onto the PCB (switch, sockets and pots), there are some minor changes from the original circuit but no extra fruit, it is slimmed down and likes stabbing eardrums. A very easy build, suitable for beginner DIYers.