Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chua Diode CD ($5 + shipping)

Chua Diode is a recording project with a multi-instrumentalist friend. Basically I play my NLC synth and he does everything else - organs, guitars & stylophone.
Our first release is Encephalo-Adjuster.

CDs are available thru Kunaki.
Click HERE to go to the purchase page.

CDs are $5 each, shipping to Australia or EU is approx $4.50, within the USA; $4.30. You can use paypal or plastic.

or download from Bandcamp

This is the 1st song on the CD - Concrescent Novelty

Thursday, 16 May 2013

dual drum module

Dual drum modules to go on panel #8, can do a lot more than pounding bass; lovely for 80s synth drums too :)

dr gogo

dr gogo is based on the Dr-55 drum machine analogue board. it will be installed in panel #8