Friday, 30 December 2011

The Plan!

Have pretty much settled on the modules and designs for 6 panels. Nearly all the PCBs are here, panel designs are not all finalised, so there may be some changes. Feel free to send me suggestions. I have a few proto-type modules in mind that may get into Panel 5 if they work out.
Panel 1 - bindubba 1 & 3 sequencers, multiples (banana to minijack connectors)

Panel 2 - PMS VCO, PMS VCO, dual DC mixers, LDR VCA/mixer, dual LFO, utility EG

Panel 3 - 5 stage Resonator, dual triple channel VCAs, double Jerkoff Chaos, EoE VCF (transistor ladder),  ARP/Electronotes style 2 pole VCF, Divine CMOS (sub-oscillator, harmonic divider, harmonic ring-modulator, pattern generator, all kinds of tricks!)

Panel 4 - CMOSC (6 simple CMOS drone oscillators with gate selectable frequency control and sync function), 4 stage Thru & Hold, 4 stage Sample & Hold (these each have CV inputs and 4 individual gate controlled outputs), Four Squared Logic, The Great Divide, 8-bit Cipher, dual bi-directional switches.

Panel 5 - two Envelope Generators (based on Korg 3100 designs but modded for CV control of Attack/Decay, extra outputs and retriggerable), dual DC mixers, four Utility VCOs (these are 1V/oct and range from approx 0.1Hz to 8kHz so can be used as LFOs too), twin-T VCF with voltage controlled resonance, VC Wave Clipper, dual analogue Neuron.

Panel 6 - PT2399 based delay, Ramp generator, dual Utility VCOs, Veena (drone module based on Indian musical instruments), Six channel Mixer/Panner with headphone amp and multiple outputs (banana and 1/4 inch), Six Random Noise sources (pink, white, slow random, etc), Six Passive filters (Vibes, Vox, Brass, Funk, Harp, Gurgle - to use with extra outputs from Veena), The Bigot (CV controlled signal splitter), analogue And, Analogue Or, Controller (module for adding proximity or ribbon controller)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

8-bit cipher / Great Divide / 4 squared Logic

this is a quick 'behind the scenes' vid of the above named modules. Probably best to read about them from the build files found on my DIY/data page.
I sold a few boards of these designs for DIYers, but they will also be included on the CMOS panel (panel #4)

and just to offer best wishes to everybody for New Year and Xmess, here's some pics from the Sub Ordnance xmas show (I'm the ass hat elf playing the Library Serge)

nonlinearcircuits vids not by nonlinearcircuits

These panels now reside on the other side of the country........

also this one

VCO User guide

Just a basic description of the ins/outs and controls to get you started (300kb)
VCO User guide
btw - email gets to me at:

Friday, 9 December 2011

Sequencer panel quickstart guide vers.1

feeling all corporate
A few basic patches and an attempt at a functional description.
I will refine this in time, so consider this a first draft.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

PCBs and Build Manuals

If you have bought a PCB from me and want to find out what all the unmarked resistors are and other pertinent information. Most likely you will find it HERE