Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Should add some nice pics of this panel. It is as shiny and glittery as the others but the photos were taken in light from a skylight giving an almost sepia effect.

There is a users manual for the actual VCOs, it can be found HERE

The panels have two VCOs which give tri, saw, processed saw, pulse and pan pulse outputs. The inputs include 1V/oct CV, AC and DC FM, soft-sync, phase modulated sync, pulse width, pan pulse shape and processed saw shape.
There are two DC mixers which can process CV or audio signals.
The VCA is built around a vactrol and is based on early Korg designs with a three input mixer on the front end.
There are two LFOs delivering a variety of waveforms, these have inputs which allow frequency control or can be used as a sync control.
The AR envelope generator has a delay setting and can be switched to cycle or start from a gate/trigger. it can also be switched to deliver very long or short, sharp envelopes.

Friday, 1 February 2013

dual VCA/panner & Envelope follower/dual LFOs

These boards tested out fine.
One has two VCAs with a panner circuit to control both of them.
The other is an envelope follower with variable attack/decay of the envelope and two LFOs. The LFOs can get down to approx 12 seconds per cycle.
Boards are not for sale, only for NLC panels

animated vocal filter - "working"

Glad I ordered spares of this design. Made a few errors building it, like installing the smd LM13700s backwards....all of them. Then forgetting to order the proper caps, have been ordered now but this proto-type got whatever caps I could find to add up to the correct values.

Once my build errors were sorted, the actual module works fine and sounds fantastic. No probs or bodges required on the PCB, tho I will change the CV input resistors on the notch filter so the CV has a greater effect.

No plans to sell these boards, only available as modules in NLC panels.
Will get some vids up soon.