Monday, 24 November 2014

VCO pics

These are pics of the VCO in the VCO panel. the PCB is available as a DIY project, so these pics are to help any builders.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

cellF panel #2 - action

This is the 2nd panel for the cellF neuron controlled synth. It contains:
  • 7 stage divider (from /2 to /128) with a staircase output
  • chained logic module with related but individual logic circuits, the outputs are connected via a resistor ladder to give a SOU266 style random stepped CV...which has voltage controlled slew so can be a random smooth CV if you prefer
  • QUO/LPF an effective low pass filter, quadrature oscillator with high/low range so can be used as a VCO or LFO
  • VCO: tri-core with tri & square outputs
  • Chopper....chop slewy!
  • VCA
  •  Delay No More: updated version with vactrol based CV 'control' of both delay stages and individual signal inputs and outputs for each stage. It maintains the same functionality as the original PCB version but can also be tamed and actually used as a delay (just)
  • Vactrol PiLL: a PLL based audio/noise source, it has no knobs
  • DP Filter: same as the PCB version
  • Sloth: 15 minutes per cycle chaos module
  • FF Chaos:  a gate/CV controlled chaos module that produces two chaotic CVs and 2 gates of chaotically varying widths.
  • Offset Mix: CV and audio mixer, pots 3 & 4 can be used to add negative or positive offset voltages if the inputs are unused.