Saturday, 28 November 2015

New in 2016

 From Arp2500, this is based on the 1006 Filtamp, minus the is squirty
 The Giant Bono - a delay chip & a PLL with 2 vactrols.........just crap!
based on the ARP 1050 Mix-Sequencer, minus the switches and VCO. It is a standard 8 stage sequencer, or two four stage sequencers, or an 8 stage sequential switch, or two 4 stage sequential switches (good for routing audio and/or CV), or an 8 input mixer, or two 4 input mixers (with an 8 input output anyway) and there is a difference rectifier in there giving the positive and negative results of the difference between stages (1-4) and stages (5-8).
Also the LEDs spin around in a circle giving a nice light show.
16HP, no wiring, all smd.
There's actually not that many parts, the logic chips do all the work

Phaser/Flanger based on the Aries 329. It has 11 matched NPN pairs and a set of matched FETs. It is actually quite simple to match FETs, a circuit will be given in the build guide. Pretty much all surface mount.

FK1t VCF - inspired by the Korg FK-1 pedal. It has a similar topology to the early Korg filters found in the 700 and 800dv synths but uses vactrols. What could go wrong?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Pomona cable holder

Skye of Terminal Sound System very kindly sent me a cable holder and a link to listen to some of his music.
as you can see I am very pleased with the cable holder:

 From this:
To this!

I have TSS's album, A Sun Spinning Backwards, blasting away in the shed. Totally lush and trippy, do yourself a favour!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

TRIAD - triple envelope generator

PCB - US$18
panel - US$20

These are AR or AD generators that will fire on a trigger or a gate, giving envelopes up to approx 25 seconds. A single gate to input 1 will fire all 3 envelopes, when nothing is plugged into inputs 2 & 3.

SMD chips and resistors, but a very easy build with minimal components.

Note - the current panel is white/gold

Build guide is HERE