Friday, 26 August 2011

5 more

tested and working
1. Tb303 filter clone with CV inputs for Cutoff, Mod and Decay.
2. Filter based on the Arp4023 with added gain bandpass output and modded for LM13700 OTA, this also serves as a pretty decent VCO when the Q pot is set accordingly.
3. LDR based VCA, based on the one found in the Korg PS3200 and a schematic from an old Japanese diy magazine.
4. dual LFO, standard op amp based LFOs, with pots to change waveshapes
5. 5 stage resonator; an extended version of the 3 stage 555 generalised resonator found in Electronotes. It certainly works and is interesting but not entirely sure I like it yet, will probably seek a 2nd opinion

As usual, minimal wiring required

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