Friday, 30 December 2011

The Plan!

Have pretty much settled on the modules and designs for 6 panels. Nearly all the PCBs are here, panel designs are not all finalised, so there may be some changes. Feel free to send me suggestions. I have a few proto-type modules in mind that may get into Panel 5 if they work out.
Panel 1 - bindubba 1 & 3 sequencers, multiples (banana to minijack connectors)

Panel 2 - PMS VCO, PMS VCO, dual DC mixers, LDR VCA/mixer, dual LFO, utility EG

Panel 3 - 5 stage Resonator, dual triple channel VCAs, double Jerkoff Chaos, EoE VCF (transistor ladder),  ARP/Electronotes style 2 pole VCF, Divine CMOS (sub-oscillator, harmonic divider, harmonic ring-modulator, pattern generator, all kinds of tricks!)

Panel 4 - CMOSC (6 simple CMOS drone oscillators with gate selectable frequency control and sync function), 4 stage Thru & Hold, 4 stage Sample & Hold (these each have CV inputs and 4 individual gate controlled outputs), Four Squared Logic, The Great Divide, 8-bit Cipher, dual bi-directional switches.

Panel 5 - two Envelope Generators (based on Korg 3100 designs but modded for CV control of Attack/Decay, extra outputs and retriggerable), dual DC mixers, four Utility VCOs (these are 1V/oct and range from approx 0.1Hz to 8kHz so can be used as LFOs too), twin-T VCF with voltage controlled resonance, VC Wave Clipper, dual analogue Neuron.

Panel 6 - PT2399 based delay, Ramp generator, dual Utility VCOs, Veena (drone module based on Indian musical instruments), Six channel Mixer/Panner with headphone amp and multiple outputs (banana and 1/4 inch), Six Random Noise sources (pink, white, slow random, etc), Six Passive filters (Vibes, Vox, Brass, Funk, Harp, Gurgle - to use with extra outputs from Veena), The Bigot (CV controlled signal splitter), analogue And, Analogue Or, Controller (module for adding proximity or ribbon controller)

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