Monday, 15 October 2012

Filter Panel

This one has
"it's 555..." resonator/drone/noise source with CV control of pulse width for all five stages (plus a CV all input)

"Bleeding Gates" VC Slew: double module each has three individual channels giving 6 in all.

"Double Jerkoff" two chaos generators based on Sprott's jerk circuit. Each has X, Y & Z outputs and inputs. the input signal can be used to get the outputs to sync (when it feels like it) with everything else

"Spam filter" transistor ladder VCF

VCF - filter based on Arp and Electronotes designs.

"Divine CMOS" sub-oscillator, harmonic divider/mixer, harmonic ring-modulator, pattern generator, sequencer....

The user manual can be found  HERE

 These bottom three vids are by Jono

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