Sunday, 11 November 2012

vocal filter

This board contains 4 LFOs, with individual and summed outputs. Plus a set of four parallel fixed and variable bandpass filters with VC Q and a VC notch filter to form a vocal effects animator. This was inpired by the Vocal Effects Waveform Animator in Electronotes, but has been changed to give more functions, use available smd ICs and to make it ridiculously complex. Each of the variable filters has an individual output, the filters are also summed and passed thru a notch filter to get the vocal effects.
The summed LFO outputs are all different, each draws the outputs of three of the four LFOs, so summed outs consist of signals from LFOs 123, 234, 341 & 124.

There is a spare OTA stage which I may implement as a VCA, but not sure if I can be bothered at this point. This design has taken nearly 3 months to complete.

It will take up 6 columns on a NLC panel, thankfully no wiring to do.

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