Friday, 22 March 2013

Drum Panel (8)

update -
20nov2013 dropped the dual DC mixer, panel is being manufactured now

1. envelope follower, that can also be used as an AR generator

2. two LFOs, triangle and square outputs

3. a drum machine based on the analogue board of the DR-55, each sound can be individually triggered, bass and rimshot can be tuned with pots.

4. two drum modules, these use envelope followers, crude VCOs and VCAs, so can simply be used as VCOs as well. These are based on designs published in an old Japanese magazine article, I heard these demonstrated by Under Techno Systems at a Tokyo synth meet back in 2004 and never forgot how fantastic they sound. They have been changed a lot from the original design but the basic circuit blocks are the same.

5. Quadrature Oscillator (QUO) / Low Pass Filter (LPF) with chaotic feedback. It can be switched to perform as a very low freq QUO, quadrature VCO, LPF with Q and a pot allows non-linear resonant feedback to obtain richer and irregular harmonics.

6. two VCAs / Ring Modulators (RM), a pot is used to set it in VCA or RM mode. If the pot is set in the middle you can have a hybrid of both. This is based on the design in the EMS Synthi-E with some mods to suit +/-12V systems and use modern ICs.

7. Difference Rectifier, luxury version with LEDs!

8. twin-T VCF with LDR resonance circuit & VC Clipper (somewhere between a VCA and a timbre modulator)

 dual EMS Synthi_E VCA/Ring Mod & deluxe Difference Rectifier

 Dr Go-go (Dr-55 clone)
 Envelope Follower, dual LFO
Car-crash VCF, VC Clipper (wave-shaper), dual EMS Synthi_E VCA/Ring Mod & deluxe Difference Rectifier

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