Tuesday, 6 August 2013

6th panel

The PCBs for this panel have been ready for about a year, just kept getting distracted with other projects like the CA sequencer.
Finally got the panel design done and ready for manufacturing.
2 VCOs
2 Difference Rectifiers,
Noise module (pink, white, random, vibrato, roar)
6 Fixed filters (think Polymoog)
Phase locked loop,
2 VCAs/ CV Panner
Panning mixer with headphone amp (stereo minijack and 6.35mm mono jacks).


  1. I love the sound of these will you be making them available? If so how much. Great work. Best
    Simon Smith

  2. Thanks! I was very pleased with this panel.
    There will be ten made; only 6 left now (2 for me, 2 reserved for others).
    Sell for $1200 each (same price as all the panels)


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