Wednesday, 17 December 2014

new pcbs in stock

 Check my youtube page for demos and DATA page for BOMs and build info

Chopper. Bottom section is a normal gate controlled bi-directional router. Top section is based on a 70s delta modulator, at least in concept. The signals being switched are also the ones controlling the switching, plus you can add CV to that, good luck trying to work out what the fuck is going on once that happens.
PCB $18
Panel $25 

 CMOSC. This is from my 4U CMOS panel . 6 gate controlled oscillators, the gates select 1 of 2 frequencies set by the pots. each set of three can be controlled by sync inputs. The idea is to patch them all up together to create massive swirling drones.
PCB set $25

 DelayNoMore. Two PT2399 chips roped together in series, one with vactrol control and 4 different feedback paths....its just fucked.
PCB $18 

 Step by step build guide by Roger S.

 Hyper Wien. A hyper chaotic circuit with vactrol control. It really justs gets into its groove and bounces around at 1Hz or so, with the vactrol control unsettling it ...sometimes.
PCB $12
Panel $20

 Quad Osc / LowPass Filter. Based on Electronotes design with several mods and updates. It can be switched to perform as a very low freq QUO, quadrature VCO, LPF with Q and a pot allows non-linear resonant feedback to obtain richer and irregular harmonics.
PCB $20

 VCO (same as the ones in VCO Panel) E/N Mikulic core mated with the features of the Aries 338 PMS VCO (VC phase modulated sync, VC pan-pulse)
PCB set $25

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