Sunday, 1 February 2015

reflow soldering oven

2015 will bring some changes. I have built a reflow oven using the excellent controleo2 kit. This will be used for small production runs of various modules, the 1st one will be super Sloths. These will be initially available directly from me. So if you can't solder & want some NLC, now is your chance:)

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  1. Just an update: A few people have asked me about the ControLeo2, It took me about 10 'cooks' to get the setting right.
    Once it was set up and self-calibrated, it works perfectly everytime, I have not changed anything since then.
    One point is do not get a big oven. The one I used had a large cavity in the back to fit pizzas. It seemed a good idea but the oven couldn't get hot enough, even with the extra element. So I blocked off the back section with a sheet of 2mm aluminium and that problem was solved.