Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sloth modules for sale

These are built by ME, available in regular or super version
US$85 each

shipping by registered airmail is US$15 per order outside of Australia
US$5 per order within Aust. (as in - buy one or ten, shipping is the same)

This is a true chaotic CV generator (as in real chaos, not using the name as a buzzword). the regular version produces signals at approx 16 seconds per cycle, the super version takes 16 minutes per cycle. If you like slowly changing, never repeating ambience, these are for you.
The panels are 2mm blue with Gold finished metal lettering suitable for Eurorack systems


  1. Where is the order page for the Sloth?... how do I go about ordering one?

  2. I would like to order one as well.

  3. hi
    just email me -
    see top of this thread or contact details on the right side of the page

  4. Can you tell me the depth of this module?

  5. The regular Sloth is approx 3cm. Super & Stasis have quite large capacitors so approx 4cm and 5 cm respectively

  6. Feeling kind of stupid, saw two other comments and I still can't find the email to order one of these?

  7. It is in the picture of the naked guy with a TV for a head at he top of this page,,,,,sorry for the spam-proofing

  8. Hi! Is it possible to order a Sloth 4hp kit (PCB, front panel and chip)?


    1. The chip is a TL074, probably the most common chip in electronics, you can buy them any electronics supplier for 25c or so.
      I just sell PCBs and panels, you need to source the components yourself.....just get them from Tayda, cheap, quick and easy.