Saturday, 4 April 2015

Timbre generator

PCBs - US$18
panels - US$20
assembled - US$160

This is basically a clone of the Buchla timbre found in the Easel. I have added a simple tri2sine converter input, along with the regular input, and buffered output. The panel looks dark blue when mounted in a case.
Nov 2017 update - The current panel is white/gold. there is also a smd dual Timbre available.


  1. Question: How difficult is this to put together? Is there any soldering involved, or what?

    1. Yes lots of soldering, I only supply the bare PCB and panel. You have to buy the compnents, build it and get it working. Not suitable for beginners!
      I also sell these fully assembled and ready to use, USD160, shipping with tracking & signed delivery is USD20 per order

  2. what´s the depth of the timbre?

  3. hi is there a component list by Mouser or other ?

  4. Someone put this one on muffs, I haven't checked it -

    the build guide with BOM is here -

  5. Also feel free to join the NLC builders guild on FB, good place to ask questions -

  6. Hi, do you think it would work to replace the resistors with SMD ones, by soldering them over the holes?