Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Triple Sloth panel

These are for people who want all 3 types of Sloth chaos
15 second regular
15 minute super
1.5 hour stasis
assembled triple Sloth - US$220

12HP Panel - US$35 each
three PCBs - US$24 (US$8 each)

4HP Single Sloth panels are still available for US$20 each

assembled single Sloth (any type) - US$85

Shipping of PCBs/panels by regular airmail is US$5 per order.
Shipping of assembled modules is only by registered post - US$15 per order

 Stasis Sloth output over a 10 hour period


  1. Hello I`ve buyed a triple sloths and have a Problem with the cable. It`s connector has a "nose", but when I try to put it to the socket (Row power 40), the red line would be on the wrong side. What can I do? Answer me to:
    Thanks Bernhard

    1. You should contact the person you bought it from.
      I don't think this was made by me as I have never sold you anything but someone's DIY effort (at least the cable is).

    2. you could always just cut off the 'nose'