Thursday, 17 December 2015

Open Source Eurorack cases

Local case builder and cellF designer Nathan has posted up all the files for his eurorack case designs. Feel free to choose one, send it to a lasercutter service or, better, take the file to your local hackerspace and get a new case with $5 worth of wood.
See the thread on Muffs for info on where to get these made and any other tips

42HP 3U Skiff 70mm -
42HP 4U 123mm -
84HP 3U 93mm -
84HP 3U 123mm -
84HP 3U 63mm -
84HP 3U 10mm Acrylic -
84HP 4U 123mm -
84HP 4U 133mm 10mm Acrylic -
84HP 6U 80mm Skiff and Lid -
84HP 6U 93mm -
84HP 6U 123mm -
84HP 6U Skiff 63mm -
84HP 6U Studio -
84HP 7U 93mm -
84HP 7U 123mm 10mm Acrylic -
84HP 7U 123mm with Lid -
84HP 9U 123mm -
84HP 9U Studio -
84HP 11U 123mm -
104HP 3U Skiff 63mm -
104HP 8U 83mm -
104HP 12U Studio Case -
42HP Vectrex Synth Case -
84HP 7U Studio 10mm Acrylic -
84HP 21U Studio Tower -
104HP 13U Skiff 83mm -
168HP 6U Skiff 83mm -

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