Sunday, 13 March 2016

null-A panel

These arrived today. Would start building one but it is 40 degrees C outside, meaning 45+ in the shed. At least they fit on the case nicely.

A lot of these circuits are based on previous NLC modules; VCO is from the 4U VCO panel but trimmed down a lot (core is from the EN Mikulic design), it retains the sawtooth processora nd PWM. VCF is the Serious Filter (ARP4023), VCAs are from the Matrix Mixer, EGs are from the Triad, LFOs are from the dual LFO with Difference Rectifier, Sequencer is an 8 stage version of the 4Seq, Mixer is same as the Mixer/headphone amp, the Envelope Follower is based on the Buchla music Easel design with a gain pot rather than a hi/lo switch.


  1. Very neat!
    Do you plan to sell the pcb?

  2. Sold out....all to one buyer
    Null-B will be here in a few months; bigger, better, faster, etc (actually same size)

  3. Size doesnt matter ;)
    Is there a way of following when it will be released. I have not found a post on muffwiggler for it?

  4. It will appear on this blog and at or near the bottom of when they are ready. Otherwise send me an email and I will let you know directly. Thanks for your interest.