Thursday, 28 July 2016


Only had a short play with this so far but already am finding it a very interesting module and suspect I want to have 2 of them. Send signals from one VCO to the clock and input, split the waveform up into 2 -32 sections (use reset to select how many), send some or all of these sections off to various VCFs, waveshapes, VCAs, etc. Then use a 2nd 32:1 to put all the sections back together....or forget the FX and just put the sections back together in a different order to create a new waveshape.
What is it? a 1:32 or 32:1 mux. It can split one input signal into 32 outputs or switch 32 inputs into 1 output. Use the reset to get lower counts and the direction control to add a dash of complexity to your mux. If nothing is patched into the in/out jack, it works as a 32 stage counter.
Anyway, it looks like this:

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