Sunday, 28 August 2016

Non Linear Excursions 006

More wonderful music from Steve.

He describes the patch as: Just some (raw) techno using mostly NLC. Boom: Doof1 (with sustain mod) 4x4: Mutant BD Hit (snare-ish): baDumTISSS1 (with IN from Doof2) Hats: Sauce of Unce (high noise) -> 329 Phase/Flange Beat: Bong0 (with IN from FlipFlop Chaos) -> Multi-band Distortion -> Serge Res EQ Off Beat: Doof3 -> Timbre! -> Multi-band Distortion -> Serge Res EQ Klang: baDumTISSS2 (with IN from L1 CVO) -> L1 Tube VCA Sequencing: 4Seq, Flip Flop Chaos, Numberwang, Bools (XOR), 1050. Other: 2xLFO, Sloth(s), Chopper, Squid Axon, VCAs

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