Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bindubba Sequencer - Eurorack version

This is a re-boot of the bindubba3 sequencer which was originally released in March 2010, tho there have been a few changes since that version. The bindubba3 has no software or microprocessors on board, it is all CMOS, op amps and vactrols.
It is designed to be used with the Divide & Conquer.

This sequencer has 6 inputs to control the stepping. Two clock inputs control the count in horizontal and vertical directions. The two jump inputs send the next step somewhere else that depends on the 2^2 and 2^3 counts of the chips of both step somewhat uncontrollable but it enables more complex patterns to be created. The two direction inputs change the direction of the count.

There are two voltage controlled slewed outputs, two CV outputs giving the same CV, 1 inverted CV output and 16 gate outputs.

28HP panel = USD32
assembled = USD320

Build guide is HERE

Limited edition black panels. I had a few of these made as a special request. Be quick. sold out


  1. May I reserve a black planel Andrew

  2. I wish you always did black and gold! I'd always use your panels.

    1. They do look nice but the trick is finding a manufacturer to make them well. Otherwise about 60% of them are scrap due to defects. Keep an eye on Modular Addict, they are selling black NLC panels designed by Magpie Modular, not black/gold but very nice.

  3. Hi there,
    First, great sequencer !!! I felt in love with him...
    second, did you know the power consumption of this one ?