Friday, 27 April 2018


Panel = USD20
Assembled = USD160

Not trying to get all MI-y with the name, it comes from the children's game also known as Red Light Green Light.

This is a 1 to 8 multiplexor....or multiplexer if you prefer....with a thru and hold circuit attached to each output. the active output is chosen by whichever combination of the x00, 0x0 & 00x inputs is high. You can put any signal into these, crossing 1V will send it high. In the demo video, I used the /2, /4 & /8 outputs from a Divide & Conquer which gives it a regular 1-8 count. Using any old signals will give a more random effect but patterns will still emerge.
IN is the signal getting processed.
This module can be used to process CV and/or audio signals.

Build guide and panel template on the NLC wiki

The 1st part of a video shows a sine wave being re-constructed when the 4 outputs are aligned on the 'scope.

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