Monday, 29 April 2019

Bi-di Choppers

This is a dual stripped version of the original Chopper. A very easy build with few components. It can be used as a 1 into 2 switch or 2 into 1. A CV signal can be used to help control the switching point, tho Choppers are different from regular switches as the signals being switched also control the switching.
It can be used to process CV and audio signals.
The basic idea for the Chopper is from a 1975 paper titled – ‘A nonlinear modulator using delta principles’ by S.K. Mullick and K.R Srivathsan, although this version drops the comparator output, makes the slew stage adjustable, converts the 2 inputs so they can also be outputs and adds an in/out stage before the slew section.

panel = USD20
assembled = USD160

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