Friday, 22 November 2013

Upcoming PCBs

These will be available for DIYers along with panels suitable for Eurorack systems

1. Single Jerkoff Chaos board.
This is the same as the dual Jerkoff module, except the boards have extra components to put together a quad chaos module known as the Circle Jerk, where outputs of each circuit are used to modulate  the others. Only 1 input needs to be used and 12 related but different chaotic signals can be obtained.
Panels will be available for the single and quad versions.

2. Diode ladder and transistor ladder VCFs in coitus..........for lack of a better name
from my DIY page:
Everybody loves the Moog ladder filter, right? TB-303 etc.....
And everyone loves the EMS diode ladder, the Pink Floyd characteristic synth sound, yeh?

So what happens when we mate these two filters?
No, I don't mean what are the offspring like
Lets just see them in coitus!

This circuit replaces the diodes and transistors of the ladders with opto-couplers.
The interesting effect is that the transistor filter does not need an audio input,
The audio from the diode ladder is sent across as infra-red light and turns on the transistors.

There are outputs for each filter, plus summed output and a difference output.
The difference output is quite unique, never heard anything like it.

There is a switch to swap the resonance feedback paths between the filters
which tends to make thing go a bit nuts.

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