Saturday, 9 November 2013

PCBs and Modules for Sale (US$)(updated 14July2017)

  1. Neuron / Difference Rectifiers (small PCB) $8 only Eurorack version available
  2. Cellular Automata Sequencer sets $20
  3. Cellular Automata Sequencer Panels $70
  4. "Its 555..." resonators $20 PCB only,  Euro Panel & PCB set US$55
  5. Divine CMOS $20 PCB only,  Euro Panel & PCB set US$55
  6. Korg 800dv CV & gate mod PCB $20
  7. Dr Gogo (DR-55 clone) $20
  8. Single Jerkoff PCB 1-3 $12, 4 or more $11
  9. Jerkoff single or quad panels  for Eurorack systems, 8hp singles $20, 26hp quads $35
  10. Double Penetration filter PCBs $18 DP filter 12hp Eurorack panels US$20
  11. QUO/Low-pass filter PCBs $20 
  12. Sloth Chaos $8 4HP Panel $20 (new version), assembled $85
  13. Low Pass Gate PCB $15, Panel $20, assembled $150
  14. cellF Voice PCB $65, 84HP Panel $100 (shipping $20 per order)
  15. Sauce of Unce PCB $20, Panel $25, assembled $200
  16. 8HP neuron/diff-rect (no wiring) PCB $15, assembled $150
  17. 8HP neuron/diff-rect PCB panel $20
  18. 4U dual drum module $20 PCB only
  19. Chopper PCB $18 Panel $20, assembled $200
  20. CMOSC PCB set $25 
  21. Delay No More PCB $18, Panel $20, assembled $180
  22. Hyper Wien PCB $12, Panel $20 
  23. VCO (version on 4U VCO panel) PCB set $25 
  24. cellF action PCB $65 Panel $100 (shipping $20 per order)
  25. dual VCO (eurorack) PCB $20 Panel $25
  26. Eurorack mixer/headphone amp PCB $15 white/gold Panel $20, assembled $150
  27. FlipFlop Chaos PCB $18 Panel $20, assembled $200
  28. vactrol PiLL PCB $10, panel $20, assembled $100
  29. ADSR312 PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  30. Collude - Envelope Follower pCB - US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  31. dual LFO and diff-rect PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  32. 8 input 4 output, CV controlled Matrix Mixer, PCB US$40, panel US$50, assembled US$440
  33. Multiband Distortion Processor PCB US$25, panel US$35, assembled $320
  34. Timbre generator PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  35. 4SEQ PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  36. BOOLs PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled $160
  37. Segue panner/cross-fader PCB US$18, Panel US$20 assembled US$160
  38. Serious Filter PCB US$18, Panel US$20,assembled US$160 
  39. TRIAD triple Env generator PCB US$18, panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  40. Triple Sloth 12HP panel US$35, 3x PCBs US$24, assembled US$220 
  41. 1050MixSeq PCB US$22, Panel US$30, assembled US$220 
  42. 329 Phase Flange PCB US$20, Panel US$25, assembled US$220 
  43. FK1T VCF PCB US$18, panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  44. giant B0N0 PCB US$20 panel US$25 assembled US$190 
  45. Numberwang  PCB US$20 panel US$25 assembled US$18
  46. Brain Custard PCB US$20, 12HP panel US$25, assembled US$190 
  47. Doof drum module PCB US$18, 8HP panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  48. Squid Axon module PCB US$18  8HP panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  49. 32:1 PCB set(2) US$30, panel US$25 assembled US$250
  50. BaDumTisss PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled US$160
  51. bong0 PCB US$8, panel US$20, assembled US$85
  52. 8bit Cipher PCB set US$25, panel US$22, assembled US$200 
  53. CEM3340 VCO PCB US$25, panel US$35, assembled US$280 
  54. Router PCB US$18, panel US$20, assembled US$160 
  55. Wangernumb PCB US$20, panel US$25 assembled US$180 
  56. FEAGUE - VCF&QUO 2PCB set US$23 panel US$22 assembled US$210 
  57. 8HP Triple Sloth (smd version) PCB set US$24 panel US$20 assembled US$210 
  58. 4HP Envelope Follower PCB US$8, Panels US$20
  59. NULL-A 42HP synth voice PCB set US$50, Panels US$50 
  60. Plague of Demons thru-0 VCO PCB set USD26, Panels USD24
  61. Small PSU PCB USD8 
  62. Divine CMOS (8HP version) PCB US$18 Panel US$20 assembled US$160 
  63. ARSEq 10HP Panel USD22, PCB set USD23 assembled USD190
  64. Primal Hyperchaos Panel USD20, PCB USD18 assembled USD160 
Paypal accepted, please email to order:

Postage for PCBs/panels is US$5 per order for regular airmail (NO TRACKING).Larger PCBs, such as the cellF series and Null-A are sent as parcels with tracking & signed delivery for US$20

Assembled modules are sent by registered post (tracking & signed delivery) and postage is US$20 per order. 

Contact for a shipping quote for the CA seq panel plus PCB set.
Build manuals are available from HERE 

Join the NLC Builders Guild on FB - good place to get tips on building and purchasing components

Jono writes up detailed build guides to these modules as he builds them

 (updated 14July2017)


  1. hi, how do I contact you? I'm interested in the cellF PCB. Thanks

  2. oh...I just found your mail address, sorry

  3. Hi - how can I buy a single sloth from you?

    1. Send me an email, contact address is just above this comments section.