Thursday, 27 October 2016

ready for a gig

This is my larger eurorack modular, there is another 9U as well, but getting ready for the Mandurah Noize Maschin:

all NLC modules:

top row L-R: DP filter, Multiband Distortion, Doof, Numberwang, Wangernumb, CEM3340 VCO

2nd row - Timbre!, Delay no More, dual LFO, Segue, Chopper, 2x Sloth, 4Seq, CEM3340 VCO, mixer

3rd row - serious VCF, 4Seq, LPG, Brain Custard, Neuron, LPG, bong-0, bong-0, badum Tisss, BOOLs

4th row - Cluster matrix mixer, Giant B0n0, Doof, 32:1, mixer

5th row - Squid Axon, Triad, Triad (triple EG), 1050 mix/sequencer, 8bit Cipher, FK1T VCF, FK1T VCF, Brain Custard, Sloth

6th row - Cellf Voice panel: VCO, dual LFO, VCO, Sauce of Unce, LPG, Difference rectifier, EG, LPG, VCA, EG, Chaos, dual VCA, VC reverb

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