Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Wangernumb revisited

This has taken a while to get to a point that I am happy with, vers5 PCB even.
Track input gives you a very badly behaved frequency tracker, along with 12 divisions of the tracker's output frequency. It performs particularly poorly when you start CV-ing the Range input, which puts a vactrol in charge of the PLLs frequency range.
Roulette input wants a CV or gate and makes the module behave like an electronic roulette wheel. When the CV or gate is high the outputs spin and halt when the input signal returns to zero, giving a random combination of gates, plus a series of bursts whilst it is spinning. The rate of spin can be controlled by the range pot and the range CV input.
Divide disconnects the PLL from the 12 stage outputs and simply acts as a 12 stage frequency divider, going down to 1/4096. The PLL can be used as a separate module when the divider is used, so you get a raucous PLL VCO that is barely controlled by CV.

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