Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Plague of Demons - thru0 VCO

PCB set - USD26
panel - USD24
assembled = USD280

available now

Build guide and panel template

This VCO uses DG202 (or equivalents) analogue switches to achieve the thru 0 function, based on ideas presented in Electronotes EN#75.
Very nice demo of sounds by Steve:

note 20 Jan 2018 - just got asked about this, so to be clear: the thru-0 mark in the centre of the panel is simply to indicate what type of VCO this is. I have no connection with Antumbra modules which use the same mark on all their panels (and were released a few months after this one).


  1. Hello, does it track well over at least 4 octaves ?

  2. are you shipping v3 pcbs now?

  3. Not yet, will order them in when V2 stocks are low. If you are worried about doing the schmitt mod, don't be, it is quite simple.