Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Shat-noir Phaser

The core of the Shat-noir phaser is based on classic LDR based phaser designs, notably the Carlin, Compact Phasing A, Morely Phaser and ADA final Phase. The CV drive is an anti-log circuit, it works a little differently as both the CV and phase pots must be adjusted to find the sweet spots. The In2 pot is 0 at centre, the incoming signal is inverted below that. it is intended as a feedback input for one of the stage outputs, but shove in whatever you want of course. 

Please note the build pictures below when constructing to make the box fairly light-proof. A little bit of leakage does not seem to matter much but you could add a bit of black silastic sealant around the edges if you really want to. When soldering the connector pins, use the SIP connectors, jumped across 1 or 2 pins (see pics) to ensure they are nicely perpendicular to the PCB. When soldering the PCB to PCB connectors, I press lightly on the PCB to help keep the connectors tight against the board. 

The PCBs are 2mm thick with black soldermask to prevent light getting in. Also, please note the pots go on the side of the PCB that has the pot symbol screenprinted, this is different to previous NLC PCBs……I try to conform, its hard, really hard. Anyway look at the pics to make sure. 

Soundcloud demo by Steve

PCB set = USD24 Panel = USD22 assembled = USD220

Buildguide here


  1. This looks awesome! Once the build guide and sound demo are up, I'll definitely be ordering PCBs and panel.

    Another note, loved hearing you talk about your process on the Art, Music, Technology podcast the other day.

    1. Thanks - Darwin Grosse is such a nice guy to chat with. Build guide is up now - https://www.nonlinearcircuits.com/wiki/doku.php?id=modules:shat-noir_phaser

  2. That technique of using a ring of ldrs arojnd a centralmlighg source was also used by the origjbal Lyricon synth. It had an arday of bandpass filters, tuned to the fundamenatal and first 4 harmonics. One of thd ldrs was used in a servo arrangement so that the filter would track the pitch CV, and allow a bit of motion too.